Friday, December 26, 2008

Tweeters Never Prosper

As I get ready for an ill-deserved vacation, I've decided to take the easy way out. Some excerpts from my tweets of the last few days.

A stated objection to GM seeds is that they will hurt small farmers because of their high yield. So we'd rather have farmers than food, uh?

Sheila Dikshit takes the oath for the third time. Does that make her the most promising CM around?

HDK says that Ashok Kheny (NICE) has paid off every politician in Karnataka except the Gowda family. Oh. So that's his beef.

Jet Airways Pilot detained at Heathrow for being drunk. So this guy earns from Goyal and spends on Mallya.

Sonam Kapoor to endorse L'Oreal. A natural step after her debut movie Saawariya, which was La-Ordeal.

Mayawati has given new meaning to the term 'party funds'.

Suicide bombers
for sale in Pakistan. Now that could be a booming business. In more ways than one.

Thackeray equates Sena-BJP ties with husband-wife
bickering. Sure. The family that preys together slays together.

Mayawati is going to celebrate her birthday as Dhikkaar Diwas (day of shame). Am sure her parents would agree with that.

Ghajini should do well at the box office. After all, it resonates with today's India - short-term memory loss and all that.

You can follow my tweets here. See you in 2009. Have a great new year bash.


Rajesh Paleti said...

haha.. the last Ghazini one is mast

Arun said...

heh ! great compilation ! :D

Gopinath's "Artickles" said...

Great stuff! The Thackeray one takes the quake!

The Mudd said...

Hey.. i think u should really try that twitter widget thing that gets ur tweets straight to the blog.. search for it.. pretty helpful

Abhishek said...

I liked Jet airways wala :)

Pramod Biligiri said...

Super! You must send the best of these to a paper so that more people can read it :)

Anonymous said...


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