Monday, January 12, 2009

Short and Tweet

My love affair with Twitter continues. It is spontaneous. It is easy. It is interactive. And it is addictive. Some more excerpts :

Chhattisgarh government to provide free iodised salt. All the people in that state can now say, "Sarkar, maine aapka namak khaya hai".

A Ghajini video game is to be launched soon. Wonder how much memory it will take.

Hindu says "Over 100 flights delayed in Delhi". PTI says "Flight operations normal in Delhi". I guess, both are right.

Amar Singh calls the UPA government gutless and heartless. Well, I am a champion of less government, but this is not what I meant.

ONGC is participating in the oil strike. Er... weren't they set up to strike oil???

Musharraf says that India should not speak of surgical strikes. I agree. Any such talk and all our surgeons will stop coming to work.

Ramadoss to now make Yoga mandatory in all schools and colleges. Our health minister suffers from an Obsessive Compulsory Disorder.

China blocks 41 porn sites. They now have only about 14,999,959 sites to go.

Mallya says he still hasn't decided if Dravid will continue as the captain of RCB. You could say - he is sitting on the wall.

A google search generates 7g of CO2. Well, one breath we take generates 1g. So let's hold our breath and search.

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Maulik said...

Good ones... liked the ghajini one and the google one the most!!!

Priyank said...

A Ghajini video game is to be launched soon. Wonder how much memory it will take!!! -
Sheer Genius.

James said...

OVL is expected to sign an agreement during the visit of Kazakhstan president to India this month. It may be noted that OVL has been negotiating with Kazakhstan for this asset for the past three years. This is in line with the ONGC’s strategy to aggressively buy oil and gas reserves abroad. It may be noted that the company receives full support of the Indian government’s diplomatic channels towards this objective. The stock of ONGC closed in the red today.

Anonymous said...

these are absolutely hilarious machaan. I think you should have a separate column saying 'let's put da shots.' love the one on delhi flights. damn good machaan. keep them coming.

Partha Mohanram said...

Awesome Da. Edhana Vellai Pannariya , or is this fulltime job now?

Ramesh Srivats said...

Thanka all.

My twitter account is the separate column. Easier to ask people to follow me there than wrestle with how to integrate it with blogger. But I must say 'Let's Put Da Shots' or perhaps 'Let's Put Some Shots Da' is a nice name.

I do dabble in some Velai for a few hours. But in small safe doses :-)

Thanks for the valuable info.

Srikanth-LOLA-Viswanathan said...

The Google one was the punchline for this post; An interesting thing i further noted in this connection was "two Google searches on a computer can generate almost the same amount of CO2as boiling a kettle for a cup of tea"

Saad Akhtar said...

Funniest twits on my "following"...

Keep it up..

mads said...

no fair.
twitter updates don't count as a post.
we see u on twitter anyway.
where's the digital substitute for a spirited conversation?
this aint no conversation!

Ramsay said...

Seems you do more than just velai. Watching films (especialy present-day) is inexcusable. Don't do so myself hence did not catch the Ghajini crack. All others are very enjoyable. Sometimes I wonder what you do first - find words to fit the essay or wait for a story to develop and then find the words to use. Anyway, kudos!

MADHAV said...

How did Salman's heart beat when he killed the deer?

Buck buck (he killed blackbucks!)


Nimmy said...

Hey Ramesh Series of Wats....Er..I mean Srivats...! Discovered you via @kiruba on Twitter...needless to say, enjoyed your tweets so much that I had to of course visit your blog. Same story here! :-) You've got what it takes! Awesome talent for puns! :-)

I love to play with words the way you do...and attempted to do that as part of my job - internal newsletters promoting the initiative that I was heading. It was major fun and I managed to grab some attention for that if not for anything else! I've been blogging for a long time now but haven't really been swimming amongst puns on the blog though. Your blog motivates me to get back to playing around with words!! Anyways...check this one out...perhaps the last 'punny' post I wrote!

(I can only get punny when something inspires me. So, going by the same logic, looks like politics sure turns you on!) Looking forward to your tweets...!

Anonymous said...

Haha..the Ghajini one was a masterstroke...and the ONGC one....and the flights one...wait...there was also the Rahul Dravid one...erm...never mind. They were all great. You rock.


Indyeah said...
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Gopinath's "Artickles" said...

Hi Ramesh, come over and pick up something that you left on my blog!

Abhishek said...

All gr8 :)
Ghajini specially.

Aldemen Tripe Loon said...


Anonymous said...

hello hello!logged in after a long time. super stuff. lord of the one liners eh!

Aniket Daoo said...

"A google search generates 7g of CO2. Well, one breath we take generates 1g. So let's hold our breath and search."

That was awesome !!!

mathew said...

LOL...had a good laugh reading this!;-D

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