Monday, February 9, 2009

No More Tweets For You

We've been Putting for some time now. And it has been most enjoyable (at least, hic, for me). Anything to do with spirits & conversation usually is.

But writing a blogpost means that I have to hunt high & low and unhealthily scrape the bottom of various barrels to string together a collection of PJs. My fingernails then take some time to grow (before I can start scraping again, I mean).

Enter Twitter. Where a PJ can be sent in solitary splendour, and that too instantaneously, before inconvenient things like scruples & judgment come in the way. 

But then, a problem with Twitter is the lack of interaction. I send my Tweet, and then can only imagine, the groans of unsuspecting readers. 

In the past, I've posted what in my opinion, are the best of my Tweets. But what about the rest? Don't they deserve to be condemned, castigated & censured too? If you can't prick them, how will they bleed?

Which is why I've now started a new blog (or technically speaking - a microblog) where I can post many times a day by simply copy-pasting my twitter updates. 

So if this blog attempts to replicate a reasonably long drink, that one is more a series of shots. Hence the name - Short Puts. (Suggested by advertise_meant).

Do check it out at And the more comments you leave, the more chance it has, of becoming some sort of wikipedia of PJs. 

And btw, my fingernails have grown quite a bit since the last post in this blog. So I shall be putting a new one soon. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

and like a loyal fan, ive instantly added it on to my blog roll. Nice name machaan. But please dont let that stop this one. Long nails are not good for a man.

Gireesh Subramaniam said...

wikipedia for PJs ?? you already are some sort of an Encyclopedia for PJs and puns :)

karthik said...

short puts it seems.

i say long calls

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, that's really generous of you.

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